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Across South and South West England, YOU creatively empowers over 20,000 people every year to thrive in their communities.

Our Mission:

Our vision is for everyone who is in need of our advice, care, and support to have the tools and resources they need for their journey towards the life they want.  

In 2019/20 we:

  • Provided 11,112 acts of assistance on debt, welfare benefits, housing, employment, family and consumer law at Advice Portsmouth
  • Worked alongside 4,232 people across Dorset to secure their housing, maintain their independence and improve their health and wellbeing
  • Helped 3,500 women, men, and children to move forward in their lives, free from violence and abuse
  • Trained 600 people in our communities to become Dragonfly Champions, offering a listening ear to those experiencing domestic abuse, empowering people to break the silence and making support easier to find in isolated communities
  • Retained “Good” ratings across the board for our registered learning disability and mental health care homes and domiciliary care services

Hear from Hannah

A successful partnership between the Into Work Team, British Rail and Hannah.

How does our work change lives?

  • People with a learning disability live independent lives under their control
  • Women, men and children surviving domestic abuse and hidden violence take back control of their lives, which are safe and free from fear
  • Young vulnerable people develop to become independent citizens
  • People with mental ill health develop new meaning and purpose in their life as they grow beyond the impact of their illness
  • People live free of debt, maximising their incomes, with the certainty of a roof over their heads
  • People enrich their lives, health and wellbeing through new interests and connections in their communities
  • People feel good about their lives, free from stress and worry


'I am enjoying my new job, it gets me out and keeps me busy'


'I’m not afraid of myself anymore'

Care Quality Commission

Our Registered Care Homes, for people with enduring mental health and learning disabilities and domiciliary care in the community are regulated by the Care Quality Commission.

This means that they regularly inspect our help and support, writing a full report on the quality of each of our services. All reports can be found on our website and we have a “Good” rating across all our work.

Latest news

Cleaning up Cosham

Cleaning up Cosham

Into Work is a service funded by Portsmouth City Council that supports adults with learning disabilities.