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Advice Portsmouth

Mr C has been an Advice Portsmouth client since we opened in April 2012. He initially approached us for help reading his letters.

Mr C was in receipt of Income Support for many years and migrated over to ESA. After he received his ATOS assessment he was found fit for work and is now in receipt of Job Seekers Allowance.

Mr C cannot read or write and was finding job seeking extremely difficult. We now assist him with his job search and attend appointments with him in order to keep his benefit in payment. We have had to find innovative ways to assist Mr C due to his lack of reading and writing, for example, we have created a ‘picture diary’ for him so we can stick in photographs of places his recognises to aid in remembering to attend appointments. We have also helped Mr C to make applications to local colleges to try and improve his reading and writing ability. In addition to this we encouraged him to apply for Personal Independence Payment and attended his PIP assessment with him.

As a result Mr C was awarded both the enhanced rate for daily living and mobility.