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May Place House

CM became involved with May Place House, our Basingstoke service after he heard of the work we do through a friend. The service users at May Place House are a sporty bunch, and when CM heard they’d recently started a football them he was keen to get involved and help out.

“I had always played football as a youngster to county standard and always believed in the benefits of encouraging people who may be disadvantaged to join in with sports generally, especially team sports. I thought and hoped that this would enable the service users to get out on a regular basis, forge and develop friendships and a sense of camaraderie, and to help them with their general fitness and wellbeing.”

Since coming on board back in October last year, the team has developed not only in the numbers of participants growing (we now have between 10 and 12 players every week) but also the quality of the football being played.

“It has been very rewarding to watch the guys develop, improve their fitness and more importantly, have fun and develop friendships.”

CM has been working as a support worker at the service since January and is thoroughly enjoying it. The football team is currently 5-a-side but he plans to recruit more players to form an 11 side team.

He found volunteering a greatly rewarding experience and says:

“I would recommend voluntary work to anyone who has the time or inclination as I have found it very rewarding and you never know where it might lead.”