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New Dorset Women’s Centre: White Goods Appeal


1. Shelter or protection from danger,trouble, etc,:
‘to take refuge from a storm’

2. A place of shelter, protection, or safety

3. anything to which one has recourse for aid, relief or escape

Recent years of austerity, cuts and squeezed budgets have been bad news for women’s services. Only last week Sunderland hit the headlines as being the first major city to be at risk of having zero refuge provision for women and children fleeing domestic abuse. Awareness of domestic abuse is increasing, more and more people are reporting incidents which means these vital services are needed more than ever.

We already run services  under our You First Hampshire and You First Dorset integrated domestic abuse services (for more details of what we offer, click here). We believe in harnessing every prospect to improve on our services and extend their reach. We’ve always got one ‘can-do’ eye open for new opportunities , so we were thrilled last year when the chance to open a new refuge in Dorset came up.

Refuge living isn’t ideal. We all have the right to create the dictionary definition of the term within our own homes, but when a person isn’t safe in their home, at risk of violence from another person sharing that space, they need an alternative. We aim to make our refuges as home-from-home as possible. A safe space to recuperate and plan, provide solace and calm.

Our new refuge is nearly ready, but we really want to provide white goods for the kitchen space for the women’s use. Many arrive with very little, some arriving in the early hours having packed in a rush. Perhaps they’ve packed just one small bag for them and their children, maybe they arrive with nothing but the clothes on their back. We want to provide a washing machine, a fridge, tumble dryer, all the white goods we take for granted that make our day-to-day easier.

This is where we need your help – can you spare a few pounds for our white goods fund?

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PHONE: Fareham head office 01329 821913

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