Community Support Groups


The people we work with have said they want to be educated about domestic abuse and You First work in partnership with other agencies to offer a range of support groups within the community.

These groups are about information, recovery, behaviour change, informal drop-in sessions or awareness raising.

You First currently offer three distinct behaviour change groups for people who have experienced domestic abuse. We normally deliver these in a supportive and friendly environment but may discuss 1:1 sessions where group work is not possible:

  • Pattern Changing  – primarily an education course is undertaken in a supportive environment with experienced facilitators, exploring basic rights, understanding of boundaries, how to set boundaries, develop assertiveness skills. This course is designed to help understand about domestic abuse, how it affects a person, how to regain power and control and choice within your life and what your future options may be.
  • Freedom Programme – this group is a rolling programme delivered by experienced facilitators and is designed to help identify abusive behaviours and beliefs and to gain self-esteem and the confidence to improve the quality of life.
  • The Recovery Toolkit – a programme aimed at recovery from the effects of domestic abuse, facilitated by experienced workers this group is for people who are no longer living in an abusive relationship. It is recommended that one of the other two programmes are completed first. The course uses group exercises to promote the development of positivity so that the strengths, resources and coping skills of each person are individually reinforced ensuring the groups stay person-centred.
For further information please contact:

You First Hampshire Integrated Stalking, Domestic Abuse & Sexual Violence Service

Telephone: 0800 916 9878



You First Dorset Integrated Stalking, Domestic Abuse & Sexual Violence Service

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